Law School

We are building a set for The Court

Beam us your ideas, and we’ll post it below

Setting the scene: Surrounded by a huge half dome – The court is in a beautiful lush green and very colourful filled garden surrounded by mountains and huge trees overhanging. Loads and loads of flowers with their scents flowing through everybody’s noses.

“The court” – adults and children

Court in process – a forum of highly qualified people – people who can see purely from the heart with the greatest good for all in mind – a discussion with the heart leading –

1. Would the person need to wear an extremely large heart hanging around his/her neck for weeks at a time? 

2. Whatever the person did, he/she would need to create a “learning subject” on whatever it is, in order to teach “”the court””  the reasons why not to do it. The court: adults and children will beam healing /transforming love towards the person.

3. the person would need to teach the “court” (adults and children) what the message is, what they learnt from their actions.

Love you

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