Administration Desk

Admission is free. All programs are available to all ages.

If you are ready to award yourself with a particular degree program in any of the subject area that you feel you have mastered, you are welcome to do so. It is optional and not mandatory to state: “I award myself a degree”, as it would anchor the information into your cellular memory.

In case you feel you would still like to receive facilitations, you are welcome to contact one or more of our faculty members, who may and may not charge a fee, or request a trade of service. You are still encouraged to take a full responsibility for creating a curriculum and awarding yourself of an applicable degree.

In addition, whether you have a degree or not and regardless of your age, if you feel you would like to become one of our faculty members and be of service to facilitate others with awakening process, you are welcome to contact us to be put on our Faculty and Subject lists under the Degree Programs. This is free of charge.

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